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EKO HOTEL & SUITES, Victoria Island, Lagos state.
June 7 - June 8, 2024

Masters Round 2 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast GameNext Game
12–0+264Wellington, Jighere (A3)bye2nd vs. A1 @1
22–0+257Timilehin, Doko (A1)1W:478-383:A181st vs. A3 @1
32–0+210Adekansi, Adebisi (A28)2W:483-373:A351st vs. A19 @4
42–0+208Odok, Anthony (A14)bye1st vs. A13 @3
52–0+186Ikekeregor, Dennis (A7)2W:497-378:A121st vs. A11 @6
62–0+168Okiemute, Tega (A4)1W:549-387:A152nd vs. A35 @10
72–0+145Ojih, David (A31)1W:447-402:A222nd vs. A10 @5
82–0+120Umujose, Emmanuel (A10)1W:459-420:A161st vs. A31 @5
92–0+118Jimoh, Abdulmumin (A8)1W:484-412:A191st vs. A23 @7
102–0+77Nwaeze, Chuks (A23)1W:416-386:A322nd vs. A8 @7
112–0+57Ogedengbe, Olawale (A30)2W:464-421:A331st vs. A6 @9
122–0+42Aiyedun, John (A6)2W:441-425:A202nd vs. A30 @9
131½–½+34Ade-Wahab, Femi (A37)2T:461-461:A291st vs. A20 @8
141–1+97Adebola, Samuel (A13)1L:452-465:A22nd vs. A14 @3
151–1+57Olaribigbe, Hakeem (A9)1W:500-396:A112nd vs. A27 @14
161–1+54Gbadebo, Olufemi (A27)2W:500-400:A391st vs. A9 @14
171–1+42Oloro, Opeyemi (A12)1L:378-497:A72nd vs. A18 @2
181–1+40Oyejide, Olumide (A18)2L:383-478:A11st vs. A12 @2
191–1+28Okere, Joseph (A19)2L:412-484:A82nd vs. A28 @4
201–1+23Atti, Daystar (A20)1L:425-441:A62nd vs. A37 @8
211–1+8Lateef, Musa (A25)1W:485-410:A381st vs. A34 @15
221–1+0Bye, EEast (A17)bye
231–1−1Nwali, Enoch (A2)2W:465-452:A131st vs. A29 @12
241–1−32Hassan, Wasiu (A21)2W:444-395:A341st vs. A39 @16
251–1−56Esan, Dokun (A11)2L:396-500:A92nd vs. A7 @6
261–1−70Humbe, Ben (A40)1W:434-343:A261st vs. A33 @18
271–1−107Enyi, Emmanuel (A35)1L:373-483:A281st vs. A4 @10
281–1−134Adeniran, Taiwo (A24)2W:434-404:A362nd vs. A22 @19
29½–1½−26Adigun, Olatunde (A29)1T:461-461:A372nd vs. A2 @12
300–2−42Akanbi, Dipo (A16)2L:420-459:A101st vs. A26 @11
310–2−97Biyi, Olabode (A26)2L:343-434:A402nd vs. A16 @11
310–2−97Adetona, Odukomaiya (A34)1L:395-444:A212nd vs. A25 @15
330–2−114Saporu, Tunde (A38)2L:410-485:A252nd vs. A15 @13
340–2−138Malafakumo, Akpos (A36)1L:404-434:A242nd vs. A32 @17
350–2−140Raji, Kazeem (A32)2L:386-416:A231st vs. A36 @17
360–2−178Okpakpo, Obaro (A33)1L:421-464:A302nd vs. A40 @18
370–2−196Cyril, Umebiye (A15)2L:387-549:A41st vs. A38 @13
380–2−200Victor, Godwin (A5)bye
380–2−200Alagbada, Babajide (A39)1L:400-500:A272nd vs. A21 @16
400–2−207Ojior, Osikhena (A22)2L:402-447:A311st vs. A24 @19

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